Programme Coordinator Indigo Korres talks about SQIFF on Tour 2023

We chatted to our Programme Co-ordinator Indigo Korres talking about how SQIFF’s Trans-Generational tour came about, and why we’re doing a trans-focused programme for our road trip queer film extravaganza. Read on to find out more:

Hi Indigo, could you introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Indigo Korres and I’m the program coordinator for SQIFF, and I’m here to answer a few questions about our new project, the Trans-Generational Tour. 

What is SQIFF on Tour? 

SQIFF on Tour is a project where SQIFF brings Queer films to various places across Scotland. This year we’re doing it on a bigger scale, so we are showing three beautiful programmes instead of just one main film.

The focus of the program is on trans lives and histories. What inspired you to create the Trans-Generational Tour and what motivated you to create a trans-centered programme? 

The idea for the tour started when I was researching the Digital Transgender Archive and talking to some friends about this magazine that we used to have in the nineties in Scotland called Tartan Skirt, and that was the way where trans people used to communicate about trans-related things.

Around the same time I watched the film Framing Agnes, which is also part of the tour, and that focuses on the UCLA gender health research that was done in the sixties by Dr. Garfinkel, and they kind of look through the archives of trans patients interviews that were done by Dr. Garfinkel.

So because of that, I’ve decided to focus the tour on trans lives, trans histories and intergenerational trans communities and how younger trans people usually learn about our histories through our trans elders. So the tour is basically a celebration of trans lives. 

Where are you most excited to visit?

I love the Scottish Islands and I haven’t been to many of them, so I’m very excited to go to Stornoway.

What can we expect from SQIFF in the future? 

SQIFF is planning its comeback for the main festival later in the year, but also we have other year round projects there we are working on in the horizon, so stay tuned!

SQIFF’s Trans-Generational Tour takes place from April-June 2023, touring from Sterling to Stornoway. You can check out the locations and events, and book your tickets here

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