Scottish Queer International Film Festival Fair Work Policy

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SQIFF (Scottish Queer International Film Festival) was formed with the aim of adding to the exciting and growing amount of queer film stuff happening around Scotland. Since 2015, we have held an annual Festival in Glasgow alongside providing year round events across various locations. SQIFF aims to build community through queer films. Our goal is to get people watching, talking about, and making more queer films. We want to screen movies that people might not otherwise get a chance to see and create inspiring and informative events across Scotland. Moreover, we want to support marginalised groups within the LGBTQIA+ community by providing a networking system for queer filmmakers, as well as filmmaking workshops for audiences wanting to start on the medium. We want to challenge inequalities and barriers to accessing the arts.

This Fair Work Policy outlines SQIFF’s commitment to ensuring the fair work of its staff.

This Fair Work Policy includes information on:

  • Policy Statement
  • Purpose
  • Principles
  • SQIFF’s commitment to ensuring safe environments for Trans, Non-Binary and/orGender Diverse People and people of the Global Majority


Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) is an organisation committed to embedding fair work practices in the area of LGBTQIA+ film exhibition. As such, SQIFF intends to ensure fair work pay and conditions are offered in all its activities.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure SQIFF promotes and delivers fair work for all staff across all activities. With this in mind, SQIFF intends to promote work which offers respect, opportunity, fulfilment, security and effective voice for all within SQIFF’s employment. This policy lays out our specific commitments to fair work and makes SQIFF responsible to the public as well its employees, for acting on those commitments. Effective voice is central to this fair work policy and requires a safe environment where dialogue and challenge are central to organisational culture, and are constructively dealt with. This policy intends to ensure the implementation of effective voice across SQIFF activities, resulting in an improvement across information sharing and problem solving, and encouraging innovation. Effective voice is a key part of a fair work environment, and ensures workers’ views are sought out, listened to and can make a difference.


Our fair work strategies seek to ensure SQIFF’s approach to employment sits in line with the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy. As an organisation, SQIFF believes ensuring fair pay and working conditions can make a significant positive difference to communities, businesses and the economy.

SQIFF works in line with this policy by ensuring the following:

  • Payment of at least Real Living Wage
  • No inappropriate use of zero hours contracts
  • Action taken to tackle the gender gap and create a more diverse and inclusiveworkplace
  • Offer of flexible and family friendly working practices for all workers from day oneof employment
  • Opposition towards the use of fire and rehire practice

Our commitment to fair work includes:

  • Ensuring all employees and associated freelancers are treated with respect. Noharassment, bullying, intimidation or discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Appropriate use of Safeguarding and Equalities policy, as well as Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse People Statement and Anti-racism Policy in relation to all employees and associated freelancers, ensuring their protectionfrom harm and discrimination.
  • Involvement and participation practices, including facilitation of All Staff meetings where workers’ experiences and views are used to shape organisational policy and practice.
  • Formal and informal communication and communication agreements which maintain employee voice and encourage one-to-one dialogue between workers and managers.
  • Promoting a strong culture of openness and transparency, and encouraging different viewpoints.
  • Continuous development of effective voice implementation across SQIFF’s activity with regular reflection in collaboration with workers.


We are committed to providing an environment that is welcoming, accessible and inclusive for all attendees, staff, guests and volunteers, in person and online. In particular, SQIFF works to provide the safest environment for Trans, Non-Binary and/or Gender Diverse People and people of the Global Majority.

Please refer to SQIFF’s Trans, Non-Binary and/or Gender Diverse People Statement and Anti-Racism Policy to see our full statement and measures.

We welcome any comments and suggestions that can help us to develop our Fair Work Policy: [email protected].

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