Scottish Queer International Film Festival Trans, Non-Binary and/or Gender Diverse People Statement

This document was put together thanks to guidance from Alchemy Film & Arts. We thank them for their generosity.

Download a pdf version of this policy here.


SQIFF (Scottish Queer International Film Festival) was formed with the aim of adding to the exciting and growing amount of queer film stuff happening around Scotland. Since 2015, we have held an annual Festival in Glasgow alongside providing year round events across various locations. SQIFF aims to build community through queer films. Our goal is to get people watching, talking about, and making more queer films. We want to screen movies that people might not otherwise get a chance to see and create inspiring and informative events across Scotland. Moreover, we want to support marginalised groups within the LGBTQIA+ community by providing a networking system for queer filmmakers, as well as filmmaking workshops for audiences wanting to start on the medium. We want to challenge inequalities and barriers to accessing the arts.


Our team aims to centre care and accountability in all of our interactions. The films we platform and the events we offer celebrate community, solidarity and difference, promote equality and challenge injustice. We are committed to providing an environment that is welcoming, accessible and inclusive for all attendees, staff, guests and volunteers, in person and online.

To provide the safest environment for Trans, Non-Binary and/or Gender Diverse People, SQIFF will take the following measures into consideration:

  • Ensure all venues have access to gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Not use gendered languages in introduction and panel discussions.
  • Provide quiet space in all events when the venue has the capacity.
  • Talk through our Code of Conduct, and zero-tolerance approach, at the beginning of each event. And explain that if someone is causing any form of harm on a micro or macro level whether intentionally or not, they will be asked to leave the event immediately.
  • Be conscientious of specific needs that members of this community may need (ie. checking in after event, providing additional security and travel, and any additional access requested).
  • Maintenance of online spaces, monitoring, removing and reporting any hateful comments made on social media and/or website.

Specific aspects of events will be tailored in accordance with these measures as appropriate, for example – we might not have open questions from audiences during panel discussions as part of trans-centred events.

We are aware that individual needs will always vary, and we endeavour to remain approachable and conscious of this.

We welcome any comments and suggestions that can help us to develop our Trans, Non-Binary and/or Gender Diverse People Statement: [email protected].

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